“Charish has the unique ability to craft messaging that is comprehensive, concise, on brand and true to an organization’s vision. She knows the best way to reach target markets on a meaningful level, where they are, in the language they speak. The outcome is that your company’s investment in strategic communication initiatives get results.”

-Don Weber, Founder, Logistics Health Incorporated

“I had the pleasure of working with Charish on the launch of a major regional effort for our Campaign to Change Direction. She is an extremely talented, passionate and capable young woman who goes above and beyond the call of duty in everything she does. In addition, she is a delight to work with – thoughtful, considerate and clever.”

-Barbara Van Dahlen, Founder and President, Give an Hour

“I worked with Charish on numerous projects, she was the client, and provide written copy which we recorded for internet based modules. Not only was her preparation top notch, but her writing and organization were very professional. We see a lot of scripts, and very few are good to go as is, but hers were! An added bonus is her ability to actually voice the script, yes, she’s a voice over talent too! I look forward to our next chance to work together! You will love her professionalism, her craft, and her timely communication and follow up skill!”

-Brett Huus, Owner, Sound Strations Audio Production