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The Gift of Drinkable Water
Children celebrate a new well in their village in El Salvador, which provides clean water for the first time in 40 years. Photo by Charish Badzinski.

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At Rollerbag Goddess Global Communications, we see the world differently, because we’ve seen the world. Simply put, this is your passport to powerful storytelling.

We welcome you to be a part of our visionary approach to communications.

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When you partner with Rollerbag Goddess Global Communications, you gain access to award winning content creators, digital marketing specialists and overall kind human beings who strive to make the world a better place.

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Charish NYC
Charish Badzinski, Founder, Rollerbag Goddess Global Communications

Our founder’s passion is travel blogging — brave, bold, budget-smart, solo travel blogging. Charish Badzinski founded Rollerbag Goddess blog in 2009. Her solo travel experience has led her to 44 countries on six continents. She has learned that with two rollerbag wheels, there are no limits to what we can see and do in this world.

An Experienced Team

Charish Badzinski brings 25 years of broadcast and print journalism and corporate communications experience to the table.

The Rollerbag Goddess Global Communications squad also includes:

  • BackpackMr, partner, rock, and fearless traveler. He sometimes encourages Charish to use a backpack, and to her surprise, she likes it.

    BackpackMr, Joel Badzinski
  • Our genius communications consultant, DJJC, a fellow Midwesterner and marketing guru who grew up in a one street light town and spent Friday nights indulging in fish fry and kiddie cocktails.
  • And the woman who can take credit for all of this, RollerbagMom. (Without her, RBG would never have been born!) Mom’s artistic skills will blow your mind; she’s responsible for our logo concept as well as strategy development, and is a frequent travel companion to the RBG squad. And, this goddess really knows how to enjoy life.

    mom Tres Leches

Partnership Opportunities Abound

Are you looking for an experienced writer to bring a unique perspective and voice to your marketing efforts, as well as SEO-driven content?

Do you want to guest blog about the deeper lessons of travel? We’d love to hear your story! We never engage in sponsored posts, site advertising, affiliate links, press trips or other pay for play opportunities.

We believe travel journalism is better when it is never sponsored, always honest. If this matches your blogging philosophy, let’s chat!

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