“Charish has the unique ability to craft messaging that is comprehensive, concise, on brand and true to an organization’s vision. She knows the best way to reach target markets on a meaningful level, where they are, in the language they speak. The outcome is that your company’s investment in strategic communication initiatives get results.”

-Don Weber, Founder, Logistics Health Incorporated

“I had the pleasure of working with Charish on the launch of a major regional effort for our Campaign to Change Direction. She is an extremely talented, passionate and capable young woman who goes above and beyond the call of duty in everything she does. In addition, she is a delight to work with – thoughtful, considerate and clever.”

-Barbara Van Dahlen, Founder and President, Give an Hour, 
and among Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, 2012

“I worked with Charish on numerous projects, she was the client, and provide written copy which we recorded for internet based modules. Not only was her preparation top notch, but her writing and organization were very professional. We see a lot of scripts, and very few are good to go as is, but hers were! An added bonus is her ability to actually voice the script, yes, she’s a voice over talent too! I look forward to our next chance to work together! You will love her professionalism, her craft, and her timely communication and follow up skill!”

-Brett Huus, Owner, Sound Strations Audio Production

“Charish’s extensive background in media makes her an invaluable contributor as a writer, editor, and public relations representative. Not only are her skills beyond reproach, she’s always a pleasure to work with!”

-Lissa Carlson, Editor and Publisher at Coulee Parenting Connection
and Wisconsin Parent

“Charish edited and wrote a stunning foreword for the first edition of my book, Recipe For A Green Life. The book is a complex format, over 450 pages, includes photography and over 350 citations. From a smaller draft to completion, Charish facilitated a greater work than I had anticipated or envisioned, and helped to polish it. Charish has so many outstanding qualities and top level expertise–I consider myself lucky to have worked with her. She is a pleasure to know and work with. Charish has laser-sharp editing skills, is dedicated, and honest–with a finesse and wisdom that is inspiring. Her vision is disciplined and creative. Charish is advanced in all things communication. She is able to brainstorm and analyze in ways that make the work and long range goals and strategies much better and clearer. Charish gives 120%. Charish’s point of view always has quality, value, and gives me insight. As a fellow writer/editor, I learned so much from our project together, and came to value the importance of an amazing editor on a whole new level!”

-Chandra S. Sherin, Writer/Editor at Wild Clover

“Intellectual curiosity. Emotional intelligence. Creativity. Professionalism. Energy. Kindness. In every role I’ve seen her in, Charish has displayed these traits. She is a gifted strategist who understands what people need. She uses this talent to diagnose the root cause of communication issues and develops effective plans to address them. She pairs these talents with a love for language and a passion for crafting well-turned phrases. Simply put: Charish knows the right thing to say and how to say it. That makes working with her a true joy!”

-Brenda Haines, Owner, Blue Door Consulting

“Time and again, Charish proves her unique ability of effortlessly crafting content in a meaningful way that eloquently expresses the essence of your message. She is genuinely invested in your best interest and works with integrity and principle. Her preparation and organization are of the highest caliber of professionalism. It is always a pleasure to work with Charish.”

-Michelle McLellan, Patient Relations Specialist at Gundersen Health System

“Charish has a rare combination of talents and skills. She has all the essentials you’d expect in a communications professional — she’s strategic, creative, reliable — but she also is a gifted writer. Whether writing a speech, brochure copy or even an email, her command of words is exceptional. Plus, she’s just a really pleasant person to work with. I highly recommend her.”

-Annette Mikat, President Mikat Public Relations, Inc.

“Charish is a talented communications professional with mastery in presentation/speaker communications as well as multifaceted written communication skills. Charish is counted on to write executive level/keynote level presentations, company wide – staff targeted communications, outward facing press and marketing materials. Charish also has expertise in best practices of modern communication tools such as multi-media and social media, knowing when to use which for maximum benefit/effect. Charish’s wide breadth of talents and passion for excellence in all forms of communications is a great asset to those who work with her.”

-Anne Finch, CEO, Logistics Health Incorporated

“Charish is a communications extraordinaire. She has excellent time management skills and is capable of handling both long-term strategic plans and short-notice projects and quick turn-around issues management. Her writing skills are incredible and she is extremely knowledgeable of punctuation and grammar rules, as well as AP Style format. She makes an excellent editor. Above all, Charish is hard working, detail oriented and customer service focused. She is an asset to any team.”

-Jane Comeau, Communications Director, Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration