Writing Services

Rollerbag Goddess Global Communications: Your passport to  powerful storytelling.

Are you looking for freelance writing support for your business, organization, or personal projects?

Whatever your project, from corporate communications to media relations to speechwriting, content marketing and beyond, Rollerbag Goddess Global Communications can help in many ways.

Internal and External Corporate Communications

Finding the right words is essential to achieving your business objectives. Having a professional writer at the ready is vital.

What kind of writing support are you looking for? We have extensive experience across a broad spectrum of writing styles and formats, often tackling complex subject matter and distilling it down into content key audiences appreciate.

  • Client communications

  • Internal corporate newsletter copy

  • Employee memos

  • Policy development

  • White paper development

  • Brand journalism

  • Brochures and sales slicks

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Ghost writing of all types

In addition, we specialize in a variety of unique and advanced writing skills, including:


  • From executive speeches to keynote addresses and everything in between and beyond, we provide comprehensive speechwriting services. Don’t know what to say, or how to say it? No problem! We will work with you to develop materials to support you as you take the stage. Whether you work best from an outline or talking points, or from a completely scripted address, we’ll find the message that achieves your goals and reaches your audience on a meaningful level.

Video scriptwriting

  • As a former television journalist and producer, Charish Badzinski provides insights into how your message will translate to video. Whether you need consultative advice on how to make video work for you, or whether you’re looking for concept development, scripting, and on-camera performance guidance, we’re happy to help make your dreams of video come true. Best of all, you can capitalize on the unique appeal of video, and amplify your brand’s message on your website or other online platforms.

Search Engine Optimized Copywriting and Web Copy

  • Everyone, it seems, has a website. But if your key audiences can’t find you, you won’t maximize the return on your investment into your online presence. Connect with your target markets more efficiently and effectively by employing best practices for optimizing your website or blog.

Content Marketing

  • Content marketing is a vital component of your comprehensive communications plan. With content marketing, you can connect with the audiences you most want to reach to grow your business, while positioning yourself as an expert and even moving prospects through the sales funnel. We can help you develop a content calendar reflective of your strategic goals. Then, we produce articles and blog copy useful to your key audiences that will keep them coming back for more. And finally, we’ll share that content on your social media platforms in a way that engages your audiences and encourages them to read and share.

Media Relations and News Release Writing

  • We’ve been on both sides of the media world, working in radio, print and television journalism; and pitching news stories to the media from the public relations side. When you’re ready to take your message to the media, having a partner who understands what the media need to cover your story is vital to getting the kind of exposure you crave. And when it’s time to go on camera, we can train you on performance and best practices, as well as put together talking points to help you look and sound your best.

Ready to put the rollerbag office to work for you? Our home base is Tucson, Arizona, but we work from all over the world. 

Contact Charish Badzinski via email to discuss your writing and communications support needs. 

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