Exciting Changes at RBG-Land

Hey, travelers! Here at Rollerbag Goddess Land there has been loads of activity happening behind the scenes. And we are ready to celebrate all of it with you!

Here’s a look at some of the exciting changes happening at the Rollerbag office.

The Rollerbag Goddess Brand Evolves

We’ve been working with a mega-talented consultant to marry our freelance writing business and travel writing under a single brand and to hone our vision and values. We call it Rollerbag Goddess Global Communications.

(Did you know I am a freelance writer? Well, I am! And I’m committed to Powerful Storytelling. Whether I’m writing web copy or internal comms or executive-level speeches or even white papers!)

I cannot tell you how amazing this consultant is! She is absolutely brilliant, and I am so grateful she is willing to throw her support and skills behind this evolving project. I want to scream her name from the mountaintops! But, alas, she is humble. So I can only refer to her, in a stage whisper, as DJJC. She has been a tireless advisor, who has helped us not only refine our vision and evolve our brand, but also recommit to remaining free of sponsored posts and affiliate links.

What does that mean for you?

  • Ad-free reading. (We upgraded our site so you won’t see anymore of those annoying, awful ads. Cool, eh?)
  • Reviews you can trust. (Never sponsored means always honest.)
  • And creative opportunities to support our work.

Stay tuned.

We have a New Website Design

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 3.55.47 PM

We recently transitioned to a fresh web design. Did you notice? Everything has been revamped and rewritten!

We are Almost Ready to Launch a New Logo!

You may not know this, but RollerbagMom (who is featured in posts like this one on Road Trip Revelations and this one: Rare Corpse Flower Blooms in Tucson) is not only a bad*ss traveler but also a gifted artist!

The gorgeous and talented RollerbagMom. Artist extraordinaire! Here she is on our recent trip to Sedona, Arizona. Photo by Charish Badzinski.

She has been working to create a concept for the Rollerbag Goddess logo. She’s done some amazing work and totally nailed the look and feel we’re going for!

Here’s a sneak peek at a corner of the early concepts she drew…..

close up of concept

Is that cruel? I’m so, so tempted to show you. I promise, we’re almost there! We’ve shared the concept with a gifted graphic designer who is putting the finishing touches on it. We’ll call her BeachGirl.

We’re in the final stages now, and it’s so exciting! Watch for a LOGO LAUNCH CONTEST, coming soon to a rollerbag near you!

We’re Embracing New Ways to Support our Fellow Travelers

This means YOU!

In our new Featured RBGs segment, we are partnering with travelers to showcase those who are doing good in the world and changing the travel space for the better, like our first Featured RBG, Alissa Murray! 

We’re also planning to create a community of  lifelong travelers, so all of us can work toward our travel goals, together. Are you ready to roll? Okay, hang tight. More about that later.

We’re Improving our Content While Remaining True to Ourselves

We believe travel journalism can do better. Better than top 10 lists (though they can be helpful), better than clickbaity headlines, better than bikini selfies by “influencers” and been-there-done-that articles and solely instagramable destinations.

In fact, we know travel journalism can be better.

So while remaining true to our vision, we will continue to provide thoughtful travel essays as well as quick reads. Watch for our new series, “3 Reasons to Roll” which will provide snackable content that you can read in about :60.

Hey, you might even be done reading before your boss sees you on your smartphone. If she busts your chops, just tell her, “The world is calling!”

Thank you for joining us for the journey. We’re so glad you’re our travel companions.

Keep rolling!

Charish BadzinskiCharish Badzinski is an explorer and award-winning features, food and travel writer. When she isn’t working to build her blog: Rollerbag Goddess Rolls the World, she applies her worldview to her small business, Rollerbag Goddess Global Communications, providing powerful storytelling to her clients.

Posts on the Rollerbag Goddess Rolls the World travel blog are never sponsored and have no affiliate links, so you know you will get an honest review, every time.

Find Charish on Twitter: @rollrbaggoddess and on Instagram at @rollerbaggoddess. You can also read more about Charish Badzinski’s professional experience in marketing, public relations and writing.

Rollerbag Goddess Rolls the World by Charish Badzinski is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.




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