The Best Travel Gift Guides for Women

If you have a Rollerbag Goddess in your life, you know she has discerning tastes–you might even describe her as particular, or choosy. You know she likes to travel light, but doesn’t want to carry her life on her back. She’s more likely to frequent local hotels than local camping grounds, and she has an interest in good food, good drink and culture. Yet shopping for her can be a challenge. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, here are a few of the best travel gift guides for the journey woman in your life this holiday season.

The New York Times holiday gift guide for the practical traveler. Check out the super lightweight carry on roller bag. Whee!

The Wanderlust and Lipstick Travel clothes gift guide.   The Horny Toad Chaka Dress looks great for travel. Every RBG needs a go-to travel LBD she can dress up or down. This one is a contender.

Plane air filter? Oh, you are so speaking my language! Ever looked at those things and thought about the fact that when someone sneezes in first class, everyone gets to enjoy that recirculated air? This list of Gifts for the World Traveler from Marie Claire has some delightfully frou-frou stuff on it, but also a few atypical suggestions. Like paper shampoo. (Forget worrying about having too many liquids in your carry on!)

The MOVE mobile closet makes a second appearance on this Fodor’s gift list for jetsetters–fascinating concept. But at $450, it might be out of your gifting price range. I’d settle for Kate Spade gadget cases, or Philosophy’s Travel Agent. Thanks, Fodors!

From excursions (for those with deep pockets) to safety-minded gifts, Nancy Brown’s travel gift guide has  both fun and practical ideas. Ever had someone open your hotel room door at night? I have, and it’s terrifying. Lla WEDGE not only helps hold the door shut, but also warns you when someone tries to enter, with a loud alarm.  The Scottevest allows you to better organize all those vexing cords and gadgets. And for a doubly-good deed, you can buy a raffle ticket for Passports with a Purpose, which will make your RBG eligible for fabulous prizes, while helping fund rebuilding projects around the world, check out the travel blogger fundraiser.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also list my dream gift this holiday season–even though it may not have made these awesome gift lists. It’s the gift of water. Through Global Awareness Through Experience charitable giving, you can help fund construction of wells in Central America, providing life-giving potable water to men, women and children. For an RGB who travels light, good karma is the perfect accessory this holiday season!

What’s the best travel-related gift you ever received?

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