10 Signs You’re a Rollerbag Goddess

You know you’re a Rollerbag Goddess when:

1.  You’d rather roll your belongings around than carry them on your back.

2. You like to shower and brush your teeth regularly; you believe travelers should never compromise personal hygiene, if at all possible.

3. The authentic travel experience is of highest importance to you. But every once in a  while, it’s nice to see a Starbucks for the comfort of familiarity and frappaccino.

4. You’d rather stay in a two star hotel run by a local family, than a four star hotel run by an American hotel chain.

5.  You believe the best food in a foreign country is often sold at street carts, food trucks or restaurants of questionable cleanliness.

6. You want to look good when you travel, yet you pack sensibly. In your “still  life” you probably shop for quality clothing at discount prices, at places like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. A true Rollerbag Goddess will pack everything into her carry-on rollerbag.

7. You fly coach because you have to, but always dream of flying first class.

8. Traveling alone doesn’t scare you; it makes you brave.

9. You believe travel is not only a right, it is a responsibility.

10. You strive to leave the world a better place than you found it. That means many things: you give back when you see need; you treat people with respect and care no matter where they are in the world; and you tread lightly on other cultures. Go, you!

What does being a Rollerbag Goddess mean to you? 

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