The Beauty of Nothingness

There are times when we all seek stillness. For some of us, it isn’t so much a desire as it is a necessity. When the chaos that envelopes us becomes too much, somehow, it’s grounding to be surrounded by nothing. Or, to be more exact, almost nothing. It is as if the lack of noise outside us quiets the storm within.

Cave Point County Park, Wis. Photo by Charish Badzinski.

Is it the meditative nature of simplicity that resets us to zero? Is it that without external stimulus, we can lay to rest the anxious internal churning? Or, is it that the voices within mirror the noise (or lack thereof) without?

Oodnadatta Track, Australian Outback. Photo by Charish Badzinski.

In our craziest days, it seems only natural to seek out simplicity, whether we create it in our lives by paring down to the bare necessities, or travel to it, wherever it may be in the world. 

What places in the world give you peace? Where have you discovered the beauty of nothingness?

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