Mini Vacay: Highway 191 in Wyoming

For the past several days I’ve been on a road trip through some of this nation’s most beautiful country, including stunning mountain passes through Utah and gorgeous–seemingly endless–stretches of idyllic rolling hills through Wyoming. Cars through some areas were few when we drove it, and you can go for miles and miles without seeing a house, a tree or another human being.
In the Midwest, there’s a propensity to call the local area “God’s Country.” One who has traveled has to wonder if the great omniscient really has chosen a favorite part of the planet, and doubt that it’s even possible to do so.
Yesterday, I navigated the car around some relaxed turns (and white-knuckle switchbacks for Rollerbag Pop), the most breathtaking stretch winding through the Boysen Reservoir and Wind River Canyon. 
This does not do justice to the area’s beauty, but the view through Wind River Canyon is amazing.
Just try to keep your eyes on the road. I was driving, so this photo was taken by Rollerbag Pop.
We paused on highway 191 through Wyoming, where the Earth stretches her long arms to the horizon, and there’s nothing standing between you and infinity. Here, I grabbed :42 for you.

Video by Charish Badzinski.

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