Greetings from the Half Way Point in Prague

In Baia Mare, Romania, a week ago.

After being on the road for a bit over two weeks, I thought I’d take a moment to microblog and update you on my explorations in Eastern Europe.


So far, it’s been a cultural sampler platter: I’ve been submerged in Turkish baths in Budapest, had my cheeks pinched by a train worker in Romania, savored the legendary Sacher Torte in Vienna, and walked the stunning St. Charles bridge in Prague.

My stunning Airbnb in Vienna.

I have been to Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Czech Republic since July 20. The adventures have been many, but to be honest, the crowds in Prague are driving me out.

The crowds in Prague’s Old Town.

Maybe it’s because I am tired after two weeks of go, go, go. I have always wanted to come to Prague; I have heard people tell me how amazing it is. But jockeying for walking space on cobblestone streets is less fun than you might think.

I know any journey is a gift, but it’s time to refill the tank, so to speak.

So, at the urging of some old friends, I am heading to Berlin tomorrow. I think connecting with old pals will reinvigorate me, giving me just what I need before heading to Slovenia.


But first, more schnitzel, please!

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