Safe on Home Soil

Just a quick note to thank all who responded to my previous post via text, phone, email, Twitter, or WordPress. All of your support throughout my negative Airbnb experience in Budapest, Hungary, is so appreciated, and was much needed!

Bye, bye, Budapest. Photo by Charish Badzinski.


In the end, I made a decision to find other lodging as quickly as I could. Although I wasn’t sure whether my safety was compromised, I was placing items against my bedroom door (which did not lock) and trying to avoid further confrontation with my host. Due to my level of discomfort, I determined that it was in my best interest to go.

I spent one night in a hotel – which felt like bliss! And my last night in Budapest was spent at the airport. Although it wasn’t bliss per se, it was far better than staying at that Airbnb.

I am grateful for all of you who took time to give me your input and encouragement. So, thank you!

I’ve always understood the meaning of this phrase, but now I know it on an entirely new level: Home SWEET Home!

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