Never Check Your Luggage Again: Here’s How (Part 2)

In a recent post, we talked about the 7 reasons why I opt to travel with a carry-on size bag only.

Sometimes it’s a rollerbag. Sometimes it’s a 40L backpack. But it’s ALWAYS carry-on size.

Now, I know there are a lot of you who think this is impossible for you. But truly, if I can do it, so can you. Here’s how.

On a recent cruise, we packed with carry on only
On a recent cruise, BackpackMr and I pack carry-on bags only. Even with fancier/bulkier clothing, we were able to pack light. Photo by BackpackMr.

10 Tips for Traveling with a Carry-On Only

  1. Think of everything you pack in terms of: 1) how much space it takes up, and 2) how much it weighs.

    Always opt for the smallest, most lightweight items. That includes even tiny items like power converters, cameras, chargers and makeup. (HINT: you don’t need all your makeup!) I even use an inflatable neck pillow, because it takes up far less space than a stuffed one, and I swap out blush brushes and such to optimize my packing space.

    Along those lines, never bring full bottles of OTC medication and other goods, if you can avoid it. They are often far larger than the pills inside, wasting space in your bag.

    You can also always put cosmetics into smaller containers.

    wearing my favorite, light travel dress and bag
    Here I am wearing my favorite travel dress and bag, both mentioned in this blog post. Travel light and you will travel far: this was country #40 for me. Photo by FancyNancy.
  2. If you don’t use something on one trip, eliminate it the next.

    Travel, learn, and adjust. If you didn’t use something, no matter how small, cut it from your future travels. Strive to never bring more than you need–really, really whittle it down. This is part of the fun of travel: realizing what you really need, and letting go of what you don’t. And, hey, buying what you need if you find you need it after all.


    There’s a saying among hikers of the Camino de Santiago: we carry our fears. It’s so true! But maybe it’s okay to leave some of those fears behind. Know what I’m saying? When packing, ask yourself if you really need it, or if you’re just afraid you’ll need it and have to go without. Anything you’re bringing “just in case” should get a second or third look.

  3. Bring a daypack or purse that collapses down to almost nothing.

    I have a Baggallini purse that takes up almost no space. If I am limited to one carry on or personal item by the airline, I pack my purse within my rollerbag. (Baggallini is a GREAT brand, developed by travel experts. I bought my bag years ago and it still looks brand new. This is not sponsored, just an honest truth.)

    Convenient beach bag packs down to nothing
    This convenient beach bag packs down to almost nothing, and is great for a beach bag, a shopping bag, or for carrying souvenir overflow. Want to win one? ENTER OUR INSTAGRAM CONTEST! Details here.
  4. Skip luxury items.

    When you’re trekking through Sa Pa, do you really need that flatiron? Bring one or two pieces of jewelry if you like, but pack with an eye toward practicality, for the most part. Pack only what you need, if possible.

  5. Underpack.

    When you only have a carry-on size rollerbag or backpack, this sounds impossible, right? Packing less than you need is an awesome travel tip. If you leave off an item or two on purpose, you can purchase an item or two as you travel. Leave a dress at home, buy one in Paris. Leave the scarf at home, buy one in Bali. Get it?

    Keep in mind, too, you can often grab last-minute souvenirs at the airport on your way out. That way, you aren’t carrying it around in your travels.

  6. Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes.

    This is consistently a challenge for me, but it’s important as shoes are evil, nasty space gobblers! Choose shoes that are less bulky and more lightweight. You may need one pair for hiking and another that is both for urban walking and dining out.

    Budget travel is not the time to pack your chunky wedge heels! Think comfort. Think portability. Think practicality.

    Do not even think about packing shoes like these. “BUT INSTAGRAM!” Yeah, I know, sistah. To pack light, sacrifices must be made.

    Travel with a rollerbag only. Here's how
    You can travel with a carry-on size rollerbag, only. Read on for tips!
  7. Wear your heaviest, bulkiest clothes on the flight.

    If you try to pack a jacket or hoodie, you will never get your gear down to a single, carry-on bag. Wear the hikers through security. Wear your full-length pants and hoodie if you’re bringing them (though honestly, hoodies are a space hog). You may have to remove them when getting the TSA pat-down, but you’ll be able to pack more of what you need as a result. #worthit

    Pack light by wearing bulky shoes on flights.
    We needed our hiking boots when we went to Peru. We wore them on the flight (and for training in Lima as you see in this photo). By packing smart, we were both able to bring a single carry-on bag for five weeks in Peru. Photo by BackpackMr.
  8. Pack a wardrobe you can mix and match.

    You’re not going to have a widely varied wardrobe when you pack with just a carry-on. So find thin, lightweight, layer-able options that you can mix and match. I go with a lot of black because it hides stains and can be dressed up or down, but I often throw in a couple of items with color for punch.

    My favorite travel dress packs down to next to nothing, never wrinkles, wicks moisture and weighs very little. It’s this Columbia PFG Freezer Cooling Dress. You can even easily wash it in the sink and hang it overnight to dry. And, no, this is not an ad. We’re never sponsored, so we can always be honest! Back to our point: simple dresses are great for packing light, but especially this particular dress.

  9. Wash clothes as you go.

    In most countries, you can find access to either laundry services or laundry facilities. Particularly with long-term travel, laundry days usually hit when I need a break day anyway. Wash as you go and you can pack a week’s worth of clothes for two months of travel. I’m living proof.


    to pack light, do laundry as you travel
    Plan to do laundry as you travel. This enables you to pack for a week, but travel indefinitely. Here I am doing wash in Vienna. Photo by Charish Badzinski.
  10. Get rid of things as you travel.

    I love when I no longer need something in my pack, because I can let it go to make room for something I do need! Don’t be afraid to donate clothing as you travel, or pass along items you no longer need to other travelers or your hosts. Keep in mind if you find something you must have, you can always ship it home, rather than carrying it with you in your travels.

There you have it! My 10 tips to help you travel with carry-on luggage only. Pack light, and you will travel far and fast.

Safe travels!

Photo on 7-16-19 at 2.39 PM

Charish Badzinski is an explorer and award-winning features, food and travel writer. When she isn’t working to build her blog, she applies her worldview to her business, Rollerbag Goddess Global Communications, providing powerful storytelling to her clients.

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