Featured RBG: Jackie Ripp

Jackie Ripp and family
RBG Jackie Ripp (center) at Good Morning America in New York City with her sister (left), niece, and mother (right). Photo contributed by Jackie Ripp.

Meet Jackie Ripp, a winner in our recent Rollerbag Goddess Getaway Contest!

Jackie won some fabulous prizes for sharing getaway photos that gathered loads of likes. Congratulations, Jackie! We hope you enjoy your Rollerbag Goddess prize package. Keep rolling!

Now, let’s talk travel….

1. Name?

Jackie Ripp

2. Where do you live?

Onalaska, Wisconsin

3. What is your travel philosophy?

Work hard, travel harder!

4. Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to in the world, and why?

Just one? Maui for its beauty, fresh fruit and amazing weather. Venice, Italy was pretty amazing for its history and all the water!

Jackie’s son, Drew, watches Lionel Messi play soccer for Argentina during a family trip to Chicago, Illinois. Photo contributed by Jackie Ripp.

5. Dream trip?

Just one?? I can’t just list one! Barcelona, Spain with my son and husband, one of those Viking Cruises anywhere in Europe with friends and a train ride across Canada with friends.

6. Favorite travel companion(s)?

Family, but I also love girlfriend trips too and we try to do an annual friends’ trip as well!

7. What holds you back from traveling more, or as much as you want to?

Money and work. There are places I’ve been before like San Fran and NYC but I want to take my son there as well to see them, but I have more places on my bucket list as well! Hard to have to pick just one or maybe two vacations a year!

Taken on a recent trip to San Francisco and Sonoma with friends. Photo contributed by Jackie Ripp. 

8. Best travel advice?

Be patient! I went on my first two-week guided tour when we went to Italy. So everything was planned for us and timed just right, well not all the time. There’s where the patience comes into play! One of the best parts of a vacation for me is planning it! So this trip I really had to let go and just be patient. I remembered that every day and it was a very fun and sort of relaxing trip!

2019-07-07 21.15.46
Venice, Italy, from a recent family trip. Photo contributed by Jackie Ripp.

9. What travel topics would you like to see covered more often?

Just keep sharing your travel experiences and I love tips and tricks for traveling!

In Keystone, Colorado, celebrating with friends at a beer festival. Photo contributed by Jackie Ripp. 

10. Favorite travel shows, books, and/or websites?

I always check out Tripadvisor and I also give my own reviews as well for hotels and restaurants, etc. I used to always watch Samantha Brown’s travel shows and just found out she is married to Kevin O’Leary who knew?!?! Well and Rollerbaggoddess of course!

11. Favorite blog post on rollerbaggoddess.com?

Watch for the Sun, My Friends

Rollerbag Goddess Rolls the World by Charish Badzinski is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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